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Epping Forest Hangman's Hill


Well Hello ALL!


For all u lunatics who are looking for Epping forest hangman's hill here is some info which might come handy. I for instance have spent numerous nights in Epping forest just to find the damn spot, but alas to no avail. And spent numerous hour on the web to find it but could not find any info on it.

SO here is how u get there …


From A406 take the high road exit


Then travel on it towards hangman's hill Epping Forest

This road becomes Wood fordgreen, continue traveling u will reach Epping new road.


Take the first left from the round about to Cross road towards high beach. Continue traveling u will pass a cemetery and a huge church. Cross road then becomes Aevy lane. U have to find a triangular type of spot and the best hint for the location is there is a farm right ahead of it like the forest ends there. From avey lane turn towards pynest green lane.


 "This turn is the hangman's strip where u park ur car and see it move up the hill".


Well it is more fun if u take the car back wards and during the night.

And take a GPS like a TOM TOM along trust me it helps a lot.


So folks good luck have take some chicks along cos trust me it is more entertaining then.


ALso for pictures and video look down ...



click here to play video

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